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  • Can I purchase JJ Fuds' rawhide chews for my pet store?
    We would love to provide you with some of our tasty treats! Please visit the "FIND OUR CHEWS" page to find a distributer near you, or email
  • What are JJ Fuds' Rawhide Chews made of?
    Our chews are made from a combination of beef rawhide, salt, and a flavoring or coloring agent. The use of preservatives have been omitted from the production process to help assure your companion will enjoy them to the fullest.
  • What are the benefits of a rawhide chew?
    All dogs need to chew! It’s a natural instinct! Chewing can provide your dog stimulation and help relieve anxiety. Especially with puppies, chews like JJ Fuds' Joy Sticks or Porkies can be a great substitute for your leather shoes and the legs of the dining room table! Chewing also keeps dogs’ jaws strong, teeth clean, and breath a bit fresher. Dogs that chew regularly on rawhides and other bones or toys have less plaque and tartar build-up on teeth.
  • Are JJ Fuds' rawhide chews safer then other rawhide alternatives?
    The process used to make JJ Fuds' rawhide chews allows for it to be readily digested by your companion upon the first bite. The rawhide is cleaned and broken down in multiple steps to mitigate any possible digestive irritation, choking, or blockage to occur while your four-legged friend is enjoying their tasty chew! No use of preservatives is used in the production process to make the chew more natural for your K9s stomach to digest.
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